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Jumping with both feet in and have no idea where I'll land!
Jumping with both feet in and have no idea where I’ll land!

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I feel like someone just dropped me off in Turkey with a map in English, and said go ahead and navigate yourself around, find a place to eat and sleep. While you’re at it, grab a job to support yourself for the next few months. Oh yah, that’s right, you don’t speak the language…and the law is “no language other than Turkish shall be taught as a mother tongue to Turkish citizens at any institutions of training or education”…well, iyi şanslar…GOOD LUCK!

This is what I feel like trying to navigate my way through my first website & blog. Perhaps I’m being a drama queen and it is not as bad as I say because after all, I got this far.  In my typical compulsive fashion, my initial “acorn” of an idea to raise some money so I can afford my first year at North Bennet Street School quickly grew roots. The roots are shooting from Quincy to New York City because this is the distance I decided I will ride my bike in order to fundraise for school to show my fierce determination and grit….grrr.  This then germinated into my seedling of a fundraising page, again uncharted territory.  Within 24 hours I raised $340 from the site, which utterly amazed me…thanks to Justine’s Uncle Ray, my Aunt Ellen, Ingrid, and Kris and Chris…you guys/gals ROCK! Alas, my tree is ready to be planted…it is growing.  However, this is not enough for me, NO WAY…I DON’T DO ANYTHING THE EASY WAY. I want to experience the excitement of witnessing the growth of this towering oak, and I want others to be able to see it as well. I’ve read a blog or two in my lifetime, so that seems to fit the bill perfect…so says the naive newbie blogger in a semi manic state. So here I am back in Turkey trying to figure out how to blog so that you the viewers can see my oak grow into a massive, deeply rooted Goddess…and hopefully I will be able to simultaneously gather a few funds and enter the Class of 2016 in North Bennet Street School’s Preservation Carpentry Program.

Feel like you’re reading Turkish? I do.

Click here to contribute to Liz’s Bike to Build at NBSS Fund.