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Pinch me, I think I am dreaming. I do, however, want to wake up because I have complete faith that things will continue to get better. Why do I feel like I am dreaming? I will offer you three very good reasons, which all occurred this weekend.

Before I mention the three reasons, I must mention that I am not used to having my name in ink (which is both good and bad). While I am fortunate I have never ended up in the newspaper in the police log or obituaries, neither have I landed in the paper for writing an award winning play or novel or making some earth shattering scientific discovery. If my memory serves me right, the few times I have made it into the local papers included: sports related recognition for basketball and soccer in high school; a photograph taken of me painting a fence outside of a condo complex while working for McSharry Bros in 10th grade; proudly accepting a check from Abington Savings Bank for our first annual North-School Fair when I was in second grade (as I was one of the class treasurers…scary I know); and a photo with a few sentences about my mom and I when I was a first grader, as I was helping her put up bulletin boards in her classroom shortly before the school year started. Are you asleep yet? That’s it folks…those were my only moments of fame prior to today, so now onto the three very good reasons…

1. Cady Vishniac’s Patriot Ledger article entitled, “Banking on Social Media.”

2. Paul Kandarian’s Boston Sunday Globe AMAZING article entitled, “Quincy Woman Embarks on Career Change.” Thank you Paul!

3. A highly unanticipated comment on my blog from an owner of a well-established preservation carpentry company specializing in historic preservation and renovations (who had read Kandarian’s Globe article), asking to speak with me about my interest in working for a preservation company. The name of the company and owner will remain nameless until anything materializes with this.

I share all of this, not because my hat size is growing, but because I am twice blessed because I am blessed and I know it. As soon as I stopped trying to force things to go the way I wanted them to go  (ie: me with a pregnant belly housing twins), magical events in my life seemed to unfold one after another. The innate soul yearning to have children has not left me, but I accept now that the stork will deliver a child in a different way than I originally planned…and I am totally at peace with that. In fact, I hope the magic continues soon and Justine is graced with a pregnancy. Until then, I will continue to surrender to the BIGGER PLAN and let go of trying to force solutions.

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5 thoughts on “PINCH ME”

  1. Liz, you have a good memory. I’m laughing as I remember the pics, especially the one of you painting the fence for MBI. …Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap..and whom does that make you think of??

    1. LOL mom…I definitely remember those pics. I was actually wondering about the child labor laws since you put me to work for you at such a young age :)

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